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Who is Tzora Mobility Scooters

Tzora Mobility Scooters ambition has always been to manufacture, develop and market the best mobility scooters. Their aim has constantly been to address the unique needs of our customers and provide the most comfort as well as easy to use experience. They consider various factors that influence your decision to acquire the most suitable vehicle for your needs and budget.

Tzora understand that due to different circumstances, people have different needs and expectations regarding their mobility scooter. Their scooters are extremely light-weight, simple and quick to fold. Perfect for travel as well as flight approved.

They are suitable for a wide variety of terrains and are made from the most durable materials. Moreover, we offer very competitive prices ensuring excellent value for your investment!

During the three decades of Tzora Mobility Scooters they have developed, manufactured and distributed some of the best, lightweight, foldable, travel mobility scooters of the highest standard.


Tzora Have Accommodated These Goals Through The Following Means:

The Human Factor:

Tzora Mobility Scooters is a veteran company that provides friendly and professional customer service. Support is always available, and promote a deep commitment towards our customers before, during and after their purchase.

Innovation And Technology:

Tzora Mobility Scooters Development Team includes experts in a wide variety of fields. Their designs are specifically developed for the different models of Tzora Mobility Scooters. Taking into consideration ergonomic requirements as well as focusing on user experience.

Continued Communication With Customers

In order to meet the needs of tens-of-thousands of satisfied Tzora Mobility Scooter customers, worldwide, we encourage honest and continuous communication with our customers.

Safety And Quality Of Materials:

Tzora Mobility Scooters Holds international certifications including the FDA and CE. We insist on working with the best suppliers to ensure reliable materials.

Variety Of Solutions And Products:

We offer a variety of payment methods as well as high quality accessories and products that address our customers preferences. We promise you to be attentive to your needs and adjust the best lightweight, foldable, travel mobility scooters for you.

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