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What are the Benefits of getting a massage?

What are the Benefits of receiving Swedish and Table Thai stretch alternative therapies?


The benefits of massage through the many different styles are different for each client. However, each style and techniques have common benefits which are highlighted below:-


They can help to boost immunity with effective lymphatic system

Swedish massage helps boost blood flow & rejuvenates body system, while boosting the body’s ability to be prevented from sickness with strengthened lymphatic system. The smoother flow of lymph, a fluid that contains fighting white blood cells, will boost your immune system.


Relieves muscle tension

The massage strokes done in Swedish massage create a deep tissue relaxation as it releases all the soreness & tension in muscles & tissues, inducing ultimate rejuvenation.


Loosens stiff joints & muscles

The warm oil Swedish massage & smooth strokes of therapists loosen the stiff muscle knots & painful joints while releasing the muscle stress.


Relieves stress & anxiety

Swedish massage is the massage to raise your good hormone levels. It increases your serotonin, calming hormone & oxytocin, a feel-good hormone, while relieving all stress & anxiety.


Increases blood flow & circulation

The gentle Swedish massage uses long strokes, kneading, deep circular movements & tapping to help relax & rejuvenate. The gliding strokes help oxygen flow & blood circulation to spread throughout. A Swedish massage improves circulation of both blood and lymph flow. Friction created between skin and fingers encourages an improved in circulation. Improving circulation of blood and lymph flow promotes heathier, stronger muscles.


Relieves all chronic pains

The massage strokes in Swedish massage let the increase oxygen levels & blood flow to every pain affected area. It relaxes the area & also been used effectively relieving pain. Although Swedish massage is gentle it helps to remove lactic acid from muscle while alleviating the pain.


Improves sleep

As Swedish massage raises serotonin, it gives rise to melatonin, a hormone necessary for good sound sleep. Stress can also affect sleep, so as Swedish massage reduces cortisol, stress is relieved.


Treats headache & Migraine

Serotonin levels drop during migraine attacks, and this triggers the trigeminal system to release neuropeptides resulting headache. A regular massage can help prevent the reoccurrence of migraines and reduce your dependence on medications.


Swedish Massages is often used as a treatment for some illness, diseases, or injury. It is not medicine based therapy but still sometimes it is being advised to use with conjunction with medicines to help a patient recover faster from sickness. It is part of holistic approaches, which helps address every aspect of a patient’s health—mind, body & soul to promote health. This massage therapy has physical, mental & emotional benefits. Swedish massage is an effective treatment to supplement latest medicines. This is the reason it is called complementary alternative medicine.


Swedish massage can bring you closer to natural health & total wellness.


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