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VAT Exemption

Not all products are VAT exempt, but many are. Our catalogues and website specify if it qualifies for VAT relief. Providing a product is to aid a disabled person, generally this is exempt. However, we will always advise on specific products. If an able-bodied person is likely to use the product as well, these usually are not VAT exempt.

Do I Qualify?

A person can qualify for VAT relief when they have a long-term medical condition, are terminally ill or disabled which has a long term and substantial adverse effect with everyday activities.
It does not include broken bones or someone who is a frail older person but is generally quite well.
Examples of Chronic Conditions are Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Oedema, Heart Disease, Stroke, Cancer, Asthma, Epilepsy, Osteoporosis, Hypertension, and Crohn’s disease. This is just a small list of conditions, if you are unsure your condition is classed as a chronic illness, consult your medical advisor.

Receiving VAT Relief Off Your Order

To receive VAT relief, you must fill out the form on the checkout page. Once you have entered a reason for the exemption (the condition of the person using the purchase) and the person’s name, VAT will be removed from eligible products in the checkout totals further down the page.
If you are in any doubt as to whether you are eligible to receive goods zero-rated for VAT you should contact the National Advice Service on 0845 010 9000 before signing the declaration.


Registered customers with a valid disability VAT exemption will benefit from no added VAT at checkout.

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