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Stairlift Guide

There is no such thing as a standard set of stairs. That’s why there is no such thing as a standard stairlift. If you are considering a stairlift installation for your own home, it is important to have a guide to go by so you know what to expect.

Guide to Stairlifts

Over the years a number of stairlift designs have been created in order to cope with all kinds of different staircases. So regardless of whether you live in a small modern house or a large old property, you’ll always be able to find the right stairlift for your needs. This applies irrespective of whether you have straight stairs, curved stairs or even a spiral staircase.

It’s also worth noting that when you decide to invest in a stairlift, an expert will come out to your home and ascertain which type of stairlift would be most suitable in your situation.

Curved Stairlifts

A curved staircase does not represent any problems when it comes to installing a suitable stairlift. If you have a spiral staircase that curves round gradually, a suitable rail will be attached to the treads of the stairs (the normal way in which a stairlift is installed) and you can have the appropriate stairlift for your needs.

In other homes a curved staircase could mean having a small landing partway up the stairs. If the stairs curve around to the right or left, this is known as a quarter landing. If they curve back on each other to go up a second flight, this is known as a half landing. The good news is in either case you can still have the stairlift you need and want.

Straight Stairlifts

Many people have a straight flight of stairs heading up to the first floor of their home. If this applies in your home you’ll need a straight stairlift installation to do the job.

The good news is there are different stairlifts to choose from that would suit this type of home. Straight stairlifts are designed to move smoothly up a straight flight of stairs. Some designs are specifically created to cope with a narrow flight of stairs too, which is ideal if you live in an older property where the stairs are not as wide.

As you can see, with such a wide range of options available, your home should be compatible with one stairlift that will make your life so much better.

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