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What size electric wheelchair do I need?

The size of your new electric wheelchair is usually determined by what seat size you need.  The seat size is critical for you, so you are comfortab...

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How much does an Electric Wheelchair cost?

There are two versions of Electric Wheelchairs.  The standard electric wheelchairs which have limited options and comes with a basic seat or a capt...

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What is the different type of Electric Wheelchairs?

There are three types of Electric Wheelchairs, and this is the drive wheel of the chair.  These are the largest wheels on an electric wheelchair, a...

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How do I choose an electric wheelchair?

Choosing an electric wheelchair can initially seem an intimidating and difficult task, there are many different types available, which offers you a...

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How much does a mobility scooter cost?

Your new mobility scooter price will differ depending on different specifications and features you choose, just like cars. Portable scooters range...

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What are the different type of mobility scooters

The different classes of Mobility Scooter  There are 3 classes of mobility scooters to choose from.  Class 1 is the portable scooters, which do 4mp...

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How do I choose a mobility scooter?

Here are a few points to consider: - What do you need the mobility scooter do for you? This could be to allow you the freedom and be independent to...

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Active Mobility unique package offering

Active Mobility Prices for Mobility Scooters includes Engineer Delivery, Warranty Call-out cover, Free Return, and 3 months Free Insurance. What do...

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