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Choosing an Adjustable Bed

Choosing an Adjustable Bed

What is an adjustable bed?

An adjustable bed, as the name suggests, is a bed which allows you to adjust your position, at the touch of a button.  By sleeping with your upper body, legs, or both slightly raised you can be beautifully supported from top to toe and gain relief from the pressure that can cause those niggling aches and pains.

The possible benefits of using an orthopaedic adjustable bed:

✓ Improves circulation and reduces heart pressure by elevating your legs

✓ Relieves osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis with clever weight distribution

✓ Supports hip and knee replacements with adjustable positioning at all 4 axis points

✓ Relieves back pain by adjusting your position

✓ Breathe more easily by raising your back

✓ Get in and out of your bed with less effort

✓ Easy to use with a simple remote-control adjustment

An adjustable bed is also ideal for sitting up to read or watch television, without wrestling with pillows.

Who is an adjustable bed for?

An adjustable bed is for anyone who is looking for a good night’s sleep and greater comfort at night. However, an electric adjustable bed can also be used to provide mobility support for those who find it difficult to get in and out of bed, as well as help to overcome other medical conditions.  

Features of an adjustable bed

Electric adjustable beds are available with several features, each of which offers a different benefit to each person. There are two areas of a bed which can be adjusted as standard with the head and the foot. Also available is to adjust the height of the bed if you choose that option. Adjustable beds are available in various sizes, so be sure to measure your space before purchasing, and can be purchased in a dual version as well, so you and your partner can adjust your position separately but still sleep together without disturbing each other. Additional features available for an adjustable bed include:

  • Massage features
  • Decorative headboards
  • Grab rails and side rails for less mobile users
  • Divan Drawers

What do I need to consider when buying an adjustable bed?

  1. What width size bed do you need? Single size beds are available 2’ 3”, 2’6”, the standard 3’ and 3’6”, Dual beds are available up to 6’ wide.
  2. Does the standard length of a bed suit you? Longer and shorter lengths are available to choose from 5’8” to 7’ in length. The bed can be made to suit your individual needs.
  3. Check the height of the bed. Some beds you feel you need a step to get in and out of. Again, the height of the bed can be made to suit you. The standard height is 22” but can go as low as 16”.
  4. What features would you like with your new bed?
  5. What sort of mattress would you like? Pocket sprung mattresses are not usually recommended for adjustable beds.
  6. Will the size bed you would like, fit your bedroom?
  7. How much do you weigh? Standard beds have a user weight of 20 stones but can be upgraded to 35 stones. Also, your weight needs to be considered for the memory foam mattress, so you get the best out of your new bed, as your weight determines the type of foam that is used to make your new bed.
  8. What is your budget? Cheap beds may be a false economy.

Buying an Electric Adjustable Bed

If you’re unsure of what you need, just call us and we can guide you to what will suit you. We have a range of beds on offer, along with many accessories to suit your every need. Whether you need a single, double, or dual bed, we’re sure to be able to cater for you. All our beds are made to the highest specifications by skilled craftsmen. With your new electric bed, you can be sure of receiving great service and a quality product you will never look back from. If you’d like to find out more about what we can offer, why not pop to our ‘Electric Beds‘ section on the website, or give us a call on 01789 339738 for free, expert advice. Before buying an adjustable bed, it’s important to measure the space available before purchasing your bed.

Delivery Guide

CromwellRichmondWindsorBalmoral and Blenheim are made to order and take approx. 15 - 21 days.  You will receive a phone call when your bed is ready for when we can deliver and install the bed for you. If you need your old bed removing, we can put this outside for you and recommend you contact your local council to collect the bed which usually works out the better value for money for you.


One Year warranty on the mattresses and Fabric. Two-year Warranty on the Frame and mechanics.

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