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Cosi Rise & Recline Armchairs

Having a comfortable armchair is an essential requirement of everyday life, particularly so for those with mobility issues. Whether it’s reading, eating, watching television or taking a nap, there are so many daily activities which require a person to be seated, and comfortably so, that choosing the right one is a big decision.

Rise recliner armchairs are there to assist you as you get into and out of your chair, but finding a chair which will help to keep you comfortable at all times, whatever the activity, is not easy.  The Cosi range of riser chairs takes into account all of the considerations you may need when selecting an armchair. As well as thinking about the comfort a chair can provide, they have also considered the different sizes a person might need, the smoothness and volume of its motor operation, whether the upholstery will need to be easy-clean, as well as the handset’s functionality, and the different kinds of design that will make a chair fit in with your home decor.

What does all this mean? Well as we spend so much time seated, we should ensure that we are seated correctly, with support in the right places. Incorrect seating can cause, back and joint problems and even pressure area problems.

When choosing a chair from the extensive Cosi Chair range you should look to achieve the following:-

  • Maximum Stability
  • Provide a good seated position
  • Maximum support for the parts of the body in contact with the chair
  • Reduce the need to keep changing positions
  • Support the hips and knees
  • Help reduce friction and shearing

Some seated people may need help with posture management or changing position.

Do you need to transfer from the chair to a mobility aid or bed?

The correct seating can and will enhance someone’s life, but it should never replace any mobility they have, just assist them to achieve their aim, so you can live your life your way.

Always consider getting advice from your GP, Occupational Therapist or Physiotherapist, who know your condition and circumstances and can offer you a guide to your current and future needs.

Your Care professionals will know your case history and can give you advice and reassurance when making a vital purchase to improve your independence and mobility.

Choose what is right for you, there are two main categories of Riser Recliners:

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