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How much does a Manual Wheelchair cost?

How much does a Manual Wheelchair cost?

There are three main types of Manual Wheelchairs.  The Standard wheelchair, which is designed for the occasional user, who needs a wheelchair to help get around for a couple of hours a day.  The Active wheelchair, which is designed for the full-time user and is the person's main mode of transport.  Then the Passive Wheelchair, for people who need to be in a wheelchair for long periods of time but unable to self-propel themselves, and need to have pressure relief and comfort, so as not to aggravate a person’s condition.  These chairs are usually used in care homes or for long-term care.

Standard wheelchair prices

Standard Wheelchairs can range from £99 to £600, dependant on the quality and weight of the chair. A good rule of thumb, the cheaper they are the heavier the wheelchair. When choosing a wheelchair test the weight and how easy it is push when someone is sitting in the chair.

Active Wheelchairs prices

An Active Wheelchair again really depends on the spec of the wheelchair and additional options you choose. These can start from £999 through to £6000+. The average chair costs in the range of £2000 to £3500 from our experience.

Passive Wheelchair prices

A Passive Wheelchair as with the Active Wheelchair depends on the spec of the wheelchair. Generally, these chairs can range from £999 through to £2500.


Every person’s needs are different, so there is never a set price. We always recommend seeking professional advice when purchasing a wheelchair, as with buying a pair of shoes, you need to buy the right size chair for you or the person the wheelchair is for.

Finding the right wheelchair for you will have a positive impact on your day to day life!

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