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How much does an adjustable bed cost?

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How much does an adjustable bed cost?

As with many things in life, cost is always a factor. Your new Adjustable bed price will differ depending on the different specifications and features you choose.

Our prices all include the Reflex Foam mattress, where some companies’ prices do not include mattresses, and you need to factor this into your budget.

We offer a range of Rise & Recline Adjustable beds from basic entry level starting at £1295 to £1895 for the single size.

Personal Recommendation

‘I personally can highly recommend a Rise & Recline bed, I have had my bed now for over 12 years and have just recently replaced the mattress.  Previously to purchasing the Rise and Recline bed, I had purchased a much cheaper adjustable bed and I needed to replace it after before 3 years, as it no longer worked correctly and had become uncomfortable’.


The correct adjustable bed will enhance someone’s life, but it should never replace any mobility they have, just assist them to achieve their aim, so you can live your life your way.

Always consider getting advice from your GP, Occupational Therapist or Physiotherapist, who know your condition and circumstances and can offer you a guide to your current and future needs.

Your Care professionals will know your case history and can give you advice and reassurance when making a vital purchase to improve your independence and mobility.

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