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Invacare was founded in 1885, it began producing a line of vehicles for people with physical disabilities, the company has grown and developed massively. Invacare has grown and expanded to become the preferred supplier in healthcare both in terms of customer support and innovation, and today is one of the leading suppliers in healthcare.

Invacare have product innovation teams which consists of both engineering and manufacturing specialists, these teams work together to create a wide range of outstanding products and delivering a high level of customer service. Invacare products are reliable, long lasting, and thoroughly tested. This time is constantly reviewing and taking on board the customers opinions, so they can develop their products and provide you with the best quality products.

Invacare have innovative products, broader defined ranges covering almost all product requirements. Best clinical design, easier assessment and servicing meaning products are more reliable, long lasting, and easier to clean.

Invacare has a vision in helping people with disabilities live life to the fullest and today is the global leader in home and long-term care medical products.

Active Mobility has worked with Invacare for over 10 years and have found the Invacare products and service to be excellent, they are a great supplier to work with.

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