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What is a Manual Wheelchair?

What is a Manual Wheelchair?

A Manual Wheelchair is a wheeled mobility chair in which a person with limited mobility can become mobile and independent again.  These wheelchairs can either be propelled by the person in the wheelchair or be pushed by a carer.

The two main type of manual wheelchairs is Self-Propelled or Transit (pushed by a carer)

Self-propelled wheelchairs allow the person in the chair to be independent and propel themselves to where they want to go. With the Standard Wheelchairs these also have push handles (Active Wheelchairs can have push handles as well but need to be specified at time of ordering), so someone can also push you if you desire when you become tired or need some help.  Self-propelled wheelchairs are generally easier to push and can be advantageous when going up kerbs or other obstacles.

Transit Wheelchairs means someone needs to always push the person in the chair, and these wheelchairs have smaller wheels at the back.  The disadvantage with transit wheelchairs is the occupant is unable to manoeuvre themselves even if it was a short distance or to just turn around.  We often recommend choosing the self-propelled wheelchair for this very reason.

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