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Which Motability scooter or electric wheelchair is right for you?

Which scooter or electric wheelchair is right for you?

The Motability Scheme offers a choice of over 400 products, so there’s bound to be one that suits your needs.


A scooter is probably the right choice for you if you can get on and off on your own and want to use it to take trips to the local shops and visit family and friends.

There are 3 types of scooters:


Pride Alumalite Mobility Scooter
  • Light and easy to put into a car.
  • Can be used around the home.
  • Limited battery range so good for shorter journeys
  • Will carry less weight.


Vista Mobility Scooter
  • Can travel further.
  • Can carry more weight.
  • Some can be used on the road.


Pride Colt Executive
  • Bigger with larger seats.
  • Can be used for longer distances.
  • Can be used on the road.
  • Usually comes with suspension.

Electric Wheelchairs

An Electric wheelchair is best for people who need to use it all the time, including around the home and cannot get on and off easily.

There are 3 types of electric wheelchairs:


  • These have standard seats and controls.
  • Some can be folded to go into a car.


  • These have a standard design as above.
  • Better seating.
  • Extras can be added to suit your needs.

Custom Built

  • These chairs are made to measure for your needs.

Things to consider when choosing a scooter or electric wheelchair

  • Your height and weight.
  • How easy it is to get on and off.
  • Your typical journey types (hills, distance, public roads, kerbs, etc).
  • Seat comfort for longer journeys.
  • How solid or air-filled tyres affect the comfort of the ride.
  • Where you could keep it at home and charge it up.
  • The amount of shopping you will carry.
  • Will you need to get the product into the car?
  • Can you easily reach the steering column or tiller?
  • How your disability affects you now and in the future.

What to do next

Find a dealer

Motability work with trained dealers in your area who will come to your home with a selection of products for you to try. You can find your nearest dealer by visiting www.motability.co.uk/scooters or by calling 0800 953 3060

Your dealer will take care of everything

Motability want you to choose the scooter or electric wheelchair that’s right for you. Your chosen dealer will come to your home to assess your needs and see how the product will fit around your home and your lifestyle. They can bring several products for you to try, alternatively you can visit a dealer showroom to see a wider range of models.

Try more than one scooter or electric wheelchair to make sure it is right for you.

Discuss your needs with your dealer and they will give you advice and answer your questions.  Have a friend or family member with you to help you make your choice.

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