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Which Walking stick is right for me?

Choosing a walking stick is an important decision and certain considerations should be taken into account before you select the most appropriate stick for you.


Height is an important factor when choosing a walking stick. The stick must be at the correct height to suit the individual, otherwise the support offered by this mobility aid will be severely compromised. You should stand in the footwear you normally use when being measured for the height of your walking stick and your hands should ideally be placed at your sides. The measurement for your stick should be taken from the floor to your wrist.

Range of Walking Sticks Available

There are a wide range of walking sticks for sale. The wooden walking stick is available with many handle options. The metal walking stick tends to be stronger then wooden models and can be height adjusted or features fixed height. Carbon fibre walking sticks are very strong and durable and these can be fixed height or cut to the height you require. They can also feature different height options.  Folding walking sticks offer a great deal of flexibility as they can be folded away for ease of storage. These models are made of lightweight metal with sectioned shafts which are connected with durable elastic. The telescopic walking stick is offered in carbon fibre, aluminium or steel. These walking sticks can be adjusted for different height positions and feature various handle options.

Walking Stick Handles

Walking sticks feature a range of handles and you should choose the one that suits you the most, as handles give a variety of comfort levels and different models are suitable for different hands. Anatomic handles fit the hand’s shape, thereby allowing pressure to be spread across the palm to give the best grip and comfort.  Anatomic handled walking sticks are ideal for users with painful hands. Crook handled walking sticks offer the convenience of being able to hook over a chair arm or back when the stick is not being used. These handles are generally made of wood. The right angled walking stick features a ridge underneath it so that the user’s fingers can be placed into the hollows, giving them a sense of comfort. Whatever your needs are, with the choice of walking sticks for sale, you can select the stick that suits you the best, along with the perfect handle and height. 

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