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What is Tzora?

What Are They?

Tzora mobility scooters are electric battery operated personal transport. They come in different styles , weights and sizes. They fit into the range of transport possibilities for town and city centres. Because they are zero carbon emission, they are ideal for transport within city centres. These scooters are designed for people with disabilities to improve their Motability.


How Will They Improve Your Life?

If you have a walking disability then you will find walking any distance a problem. Tzora mobility scooters are designed to give you freedom and independence. They allow you to be able to complete the tasks that you once did. Or they open up possibilities that you had dreamed of. If you want to go on day trips with your family you won’t feel like you are slowing them down. With some of our scooters, you can go shopping on them, right into and around the shop. Others will allow you to go off-road.


What Things Do You Need To Consider?

The things you need to consider with mobility scooters are these things:

  1. Do you need to put the scooter in a car?
  2. How far do you need to travel?
  3. What sort of terrain do I need the scooter for?
  4. Do I need the scooter to replace my car in some way?
  5. What level of comfort and protection from bumps do I need?
  6. What size will they fold down to for storage?
  7. How can I easily charge the scooter?

How Tzora Can Help

Tzora mobility scooters have a range of different scooters to suit everyone’s needs. They have three models of folding scooters that fit different customers. They also have an award-winning off and on-road scooter that has large pneumatic wheels and suspension. Together with the fact that we have dedicated experienced salespeople, we can find the ideal scooter for you. We will take time to patiently explain all the details of our scooters. It is important to us to find out which scooter will fit your needs. 

Buying a mobility scooter is going to be one of the most important decisions of your life. We will be there to help you make the correct decision that will bring independence and freedom into your life.

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