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Exercise to Ease Arthritis

If arthritis causes you pain, you may not want to move.  However not exercising can increase stiffness, harm the tissues in and around your joint and in the long term your muscles will weaken, making movement even more challenging.  Whereas keeping active boosts energy, helps to keep your joints supple and reduces pain.

Keep your joints supple with a new low impact exercise.


Yoga is very popular for people with arthritis as not only does it combine exercise, breathing, and relaxation.  It is a gentle way of promoting flexibility and strength in mind, body, and spirit.  Chair yoga is the mildest form of yoga and is particularly joint-friendly.  The exercised consist of performing yoga poses from the comfort of a chair.


Pilates is very similar to yoga as they are both effective low-impact exercises that put little strain on the joints, however, Pilate focuses more on targeting the deep postural muscles and strengthening the body from head to toe.

Tai chi

Tai chi is a form of martial art which calmly exercises the body.  It consists of slow, gentle flowing movements.  Tai Chi is very popular amongst people with arthritis as it improves energy, fitness, and balance.  As well as Tai Chi strengthening joints and relieving tension, it also helps correct body posture and improves circulation and flexibility.


Swimming is a very popular exercise as it is low-impact and can be an especially effective exercise for people living with rheumatoid arthritis.  If you do suffer from arthritis, it is recommended to only stick to front crawl and back stroke and to swim in a well-heated pool as the warm water also works with you to help ease your aching joints.  Aqua aerobics is another physical activity that you can do in the swimming pool as it involves a variety of light resistance exercised and the water helps cushion the joints and build muscle with minimal risk of discomfort or injury.


Studies show that regular low-intensity cycling can help reduce the pain of osteoarthritis.  A gentle cycle on a flat route in the open air or a short pedal on an exercise bike at the gym can help support your joints while strengthening the knees too.  Joining a gym and attending classes can also be extremely beneficial to someone with arthritis, sometimes gyms even tailor classes to aimed at people over 60 or for those with limited mobility.  Also, if you are considering joining a gym, try and find one with access to a Jacuzzi, Sauna or Steam room as the heat benefits will help ease arthritis pain.

 Always consult your doctor before staring an exercise programme.

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