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Funding for Disability equipment

Disability grants

If you have a disability or are a parent or carer of a disabled child or adult, then you could be entitled to disability grants.  The hardest thing is knowing where to turn to.

Charity and Trusts can fund towards disability equipment, housing, and anything else that goes above the normal cost of living. Disability grants are designed to help you and your family, firstly you need to check if you are eligible, you’ll need to send off your application and any relevant documentation that is required.

There’s a huge selection of grants to choose from. There is a specific website to see what you could claim, check it out here -
You can also discover what’s available nationally and in your local area by searching the individual sections.

Grants for disabled children

Having enough money to pay for a child’s daily essentials can be a struggle, but when your child’s needs are greater, everyday life and treats such as holidays and toys become more expensive to fund.

The UK has many charities and trusts that provide grants for children with disabilities, the grant could be in the form of a financial donation or contribution and can provide things that you don’t have the money to buy.

Grants for disabled Adults

Adults with disabilities want to live life like every other adult, but they face lots of different barriers. Charities and trusts can help adults overcome these barriers, with helping pay for medical equipment, home modifications, and education missed through ill health.

Grants for Families and Carers

Families and carers of people with disabilities are an essential part of society, their roles vary day to day with taking hands-on roles such as bathing, dressing, and helping with day-to-day life to organising hospital appointments and negotiating care. They are an amazing emotional and physical support for the person, and without them life would be a lot more challenging.

Having a disabled child or adult in the house can bring all kinds of different changes to your situation, as there will have to be adjustments to support the person’s needs. These modifications can often be very expensive, you may be able to receive a grant to help you fund this.

Holiday Grants for the disabled

Planning a holiday for a person who has a disability can be challenging, there is an exhaustive list of essential things you need to check and research. We know sometimes people just think it’s easier to stay at home, as the planning can become very over whelming.

It is proven that holidays have a positive effect on your mental health and gives the whole family a chance to spend real quality time together, away from the stress of everyday life. To ensure that families can have a break you may be able to receive a grant to help fund this.

Grants for housing

Finding the right home when living with a child or adult with disabilities can be extremely difficult, once moving into your home you will more than likely need to renovate your home which be installing a ramp outside or fitting a wet room etc. You can apply for support with this through your local council’s website.

The disability grants website is here to help YOU, your family or anyone you’re supporting with a disability.

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