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Get wise to buying safely

Part of the GET WISE series from BHTA  is a guide to buying safely.  When you buy the equipment that is right for you, it can make a real difference to your quality of life, giving you freedom and independence. Whatever you need, this step-by-step guide is designed to help you make that right choice.

You need to be sure about what you need. There may well be so much choice “out there” that the right product for you may not be obvious. So take advice and, if you can, try before you buy. If you need professional help, contact your doctor, who may refer you to an occupational therapist, or for certain equipment recommend a physiotherapist or speech therapist.

You need to know where to buy. Again, you’ll be spoilt for choice! You can find products in retail shops, stores as well as via mail order and the internet. If you are buying from the internet or via mail order, remember that whilst the prices may be keen, you can’t try before you buy, or discuss your requirements face to face. There are two useful website links which can spell out your rights on distance selling, and these are shown in the article.

Many retailers are members of the BHTA, specialists in what they do, which means that you can buy with confidence because they are governed by their Code of Practice, the only one in this industry to be approved by The Chartered Trading Standards Institute. To see/download a copy of the code, please visit the BHTA website at

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