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Chosing a Mobility Scooter

We understand that buying a mobility scooter is a huge decision.  Our goal is to empower you with honest and reliable information when choosing your new mobility scooter.

The price really depends on a wide range of factors including size and what you are wanting to do with your new mobility scooter.

What should I consider when choosing my new mobility scooter?

Here are a few points to consider: -

What do you need the mobility scooter do for you?

This could be to allow you the freedom and be independent to go to the local shops, taking your dog for a walk, visiting friends and family, going to the hospital or your local doctor’s surgery.

What is your disability and how it affects you?

For a lot of people, they struggle to walk any distance, to be able to do the things they used to be able to do. 

Your Height and Weight

Every mobility scooter has a weight limit, so it is important this is not exceeded otherwise you will not get the full benefits of a mobility scooter.  Height is also an important factor, so your new mobility scooter doesn’t aggravate your condition.

Do you need the mobility scooter to be portable to transport in the boot of a car?

When you need to transport a mobility scooter is the car boot big enough and who is going to be lifting the mobility scooter.  May be worth considering a car boot hoist.

What range do you need the mobility scooter to achieve?

Once you have considered where you want to travel on your mobility scooter will determine what size mobility scooter to choose.  For instance, if you need to travel occasionally to Warwick hospital and you live in Leamington Spa, and you want to go to the shops on your way home, you would be advised to choose a Class 3 scooter which would be able to do this easily.

Do you need suspension?

If you suffer with arthritis, having a mobility scooter with suspension will make your ride much more comfortable for you.

Where will you be storing and charging your new mobility scooter?

To get the best from your new mobility scooter it is recommended to charge your new mobility scooter overnight indoors for a minimum of 8 hours, so your mobility scooter is ready for you. 

What sort of tyres do you want – solid or air?

Solid tyres give you the reassurance of not getting punctures, the downside is it does make the ride a little bumpier, whereas with the air tyres, it does make a better ride, but you can run the risk of punctures.


The different classes of Mobility Scooter


There are 3 classes of mobility scooters to choose from.  Class 1 is the portable scooters, which do 4mph, Class 2 is a pavement scooter limited to 4mph and Class 3 is a road legal mobility scooter that can do up to 8mph, with a speed limiter of 4 mph so you can then drive them on the pavement.

The Class 1 portable scooters can be taken apart into 5 sections, or now there are also folding scooters in this class.  These scooters are primarily designed for shopping centres, to be transported in cars to help you when you reach your desired destination.  Some portable and folding scooter are now starting to come through with suspension, but not all models offer this. These mobility scooters generally travel between 5-10 miles depending upon model chosen.

Class 2 mobility scooters are designed for pavement use and enabling you to travel from your home to your destination.  These mobility scooters generally travel between 10 – 20 miles depending upon model chosen.

Class 3 mobility scooters can be driven on the roads, generally these scooters can do between 6 – 8 mph.  These scooters are generally the most comfortable to drive with captain seats and full suspension, each model has their own variation of suspension.  These mobility scooters generally travel between 15 – 35 miles depending upon model chosen.


How Much does a Mobility Scooter cost?


Your new mobility scooter price will differ depending on different specifications and features you choose, just like cars.

  • Portable scooters range between £600 - £1700
  • Folding scooter range between £1800 - £3000
  • Class 2 scooters range between £900 - £2000
  • Class 3 Scooters range between £1400 - £5000



Mobility scooters cost anywhere between £600 - £5000+, but the difference is due to the size and specification of the mobility scooter you want to buy.  By contacting your local mobility dealer, they will be able to help you narrow down your search, plus you will be able to test drive a large variety of mobility scooters so you can experience them for yourself, to enable you to make an informed decision on your new mobility scooter.

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