Laughing could be the answer to being healthier, happier and calmer. – Active Mobility Ltd

Laughing could be the answer to being healthier, happier and calmer.

Can you remember the last time you had a really good laugh? The kind of uncontrollable, cry-laughing where you're so happy in that moment your belly and cheeks start to ache? Thought of a moment? Does that moment occur often? If so you're one of the lucky ones.

The sad truth is, as we get older we not only lose our innocence and our imagination but often also lose our sense of humour. We often don't have the time and sometimes even the inclination to laugh due to being surrounded by ongoing day-to-day stresses. 

Research shows that children laugh on average around 400 times a day in comparison to adults who laugh just 17 times a day if we're lucky!  So why is laughing the best medicine?

Studies show that laughing strengthens your immune system, eases stress, helps against heart disease, improves mood, pain tolerance and generally improves wellbeing. This is due to laughter promoting the release of positive hormones such as serotonin, which consequently stimulates feelings of happiness and joy. While the intake of extra oxygen during laughter can even boost the circulatory system. The positive effects of laughter are both psychological and physiological. Here are 15 reasons why we should laugh more:

Psychological benefits:-
  1. Reduces anxiety
  2. Reduces tension
  3. Reduces stress
  4. Reduces depression
  5. Reduces the feelings of loneliness
  6. Improves self-esteem
  7. Restores a sense of hope and energy
  8. Provides a sense of empowerment and control
Physiological benefits:-
  1. Improves mental functioning
  2. Exercises and relaxes muscles
  3. Improves respiration
  4. Stimulates circulation
  5. Decreases your stress hormones
  6. Increases immune system defences
  7. Increases the production of endorphins

Who knew a good old belly laugh could improve more than just your sense of humour? The best part is laughter is priceless and so much fun! After all, who doesn't love to laugh?

So let's all take the time out of our day and focus on the good things, smile, count our blessings and actively seek more opportunities for laughter! Laughter is the best medicine!

Source from Drive Devilbiss Healthcare

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Tracy Suther