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Why I chose a TGA Breeze S4 Max Mobility Scooter

I developed osteo porosis in 2004 after being bed bound for nearly 8 months. Unfortunately, I found out I had this condition by breaking several vertebrae. Luckily all 11 fractures were stable but unfortunately it limited how far I could walk without being in pain. I also get extreme pain if I get any sudden jolts (by tripping or stumbling) that can be very painful. I also suffer with neuropathy or loss of feeling in both legs below the knee. Meaning, I must keep looking at the ground and make sure I lift my leg so as not to trip over my feet. I am fortunate I can walk short distances but as for my independence and being able to just go into town either just for a walk or catching the bus is no longer an option. My only way of having my independence is by having a mobility scooter. As well as my obvious health issues I am also obese. I am 6’4” and 30 stones. I have been disabled for 17 years and I have had a mobility scooter for 16 years. My first scooter was second hand and lasted about 12 months, which I traded in for a brand-new sterling diamond which I liked the look of it lasted about 3 years, but the suspension was not very good for me and I felt I was constantly in pain. I did not realise that buying on cosmetic and price were not the most important, quality of product and quality of build were. When I explained my needs to Mick Copas of Active Mobility, he suggested that you are always better off to purchase the best you can afford. Which may sound as though obviously the salesman wants you to spend more but if your given the choice of a mini or rolls Royce which brand do you associate with quality and value for money. The TGA Breeze may be more expensive but if you obtain one and you have it serviced regularly it should last you. I took his advice and my breeze lasted for 10 years. When you consider in that time, I would probably have purchased 3 if not 4 cheaper scooters, this saved me money in the long term. Unfortunately, it came time to replace my trusted breeze S4 I looked at other brands just to see what was being offered by other companies and decided to stay with TGA. My only dilemma was either standard breeze or the max version. Advantage of the max version is better suspension and bigger seat. I decided on the max as my only downsize with my old breeze was, I was near the maximum limit of the suspension. My old breeze scooter was supposed to be max user weight 32 stone compare to the new breeze S4 max is 42 stone. Obviously, there are several improvements which are numerous but for example on board USB dual charging points. Better rack and pinion steering system and the added advantage of lockable back box. One of the most important features seems to be the improved battery life and the use of L.E.D.  for the lighting system. The range of my scooter I would suggest is somewhere approx. 25 miles using the 75amp batteries on various terrains, with a max user weight of 42 stone. I am pleased that I have stayed with the TGA Brand as it comes with a 2-year parts and labour warranty. The quality of build is evident from the design and ease of use. Very easy to use. People complain at how much mobility scooters cost but seem to forget that the research and design that goes into making the scooters. The quality of the suspension is amazing, if I happen to go down a pothole or uneven pavement the suspension seems to absorb it better than it did before. I know there are cheaper scooters, and some scooters may look flashy but at the end of the day having peace of mind is more important. As far as I am concerned, I have the Rolls Royce of mobility scooters. My TGA Breeze S4 Max is a top of the range scooter that gives me everything I need. I count myself very fortunate to be able to take out our two Labradors. Before the lock down I would be all over the place. I have had my Breeze max coming up to 6 months and in that time, I have done just over 600 miles which when you consider the last 12 months is quite amazing. Just imagine how far I would go if it were a normal year. I am fortunate to be able to afford a Breeze scooter, but I can honestly say that they are worth saving for. I love the fact that in the summer it was able to cope with the off road of going over grass and gravel tracks. When I take my Labradors out for there walks.

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Jason Nye