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What size Active wheelchair do I need

The size of your new Active Wheelchair depends on you and what you need the chair to do for you.

Indoors –  For tight indoor spaces, then a chair with a compact frame and inset front end would be worth considering. 

Outdoors – what type of journeys you are going to make on the wheelchair will depend on what type of tyres you will need, for instance if you will be going over rougher ground, then additional option to choose is chunky mountain-bike tyres that will give better traction, but also consider power add-ons (see below)

The key measurement for your new wheelchair is

  • Seat Width
  • Seat height
  • Seat depth
  • Back rest height
  • Arm rest height

The ideal seat width should give you enough room to be comfortable but not to wide so you don’t have the support of the arm rests, or overstretching when self-propelling yourself.  Don’t forget to include your outdoor clothing when choosing your new wheelchair

The seat depth should be the length of your thigh less approx. 1”.  If the seat is too short the length of the thighs will not be supported and if too long can cause undue pressure behind the knee.

Ideally for the seat height it is recommended to have a 90 degree angle at your knees.  Most leg rests are adjustable in height.

For the back rest height, for Active users generally the back rest is lower so you are not restricted when self propelling .

Armrests should support your arms comfortably, if they are too high this will cause your shoulders to hunch, although some Active users prefer not to have any armrests.

It is important that your new Active Wheelchair is made to fit you so your new chair is an extension of yourself.

Your Active Wheelchair is fully customised to your needs.  For more help and support, please get in touch.

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