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What to consider when buying a Rollator

At Active Mobility we often see our first-time customers struggling to walk with a walking stick or holding onto someone’s arm coming into the store, looking for something that may help them be a little more independent.

 We go through the different rollators (4 Wheel walker) and recommend they try these rollators.  It is so amazing to watch someone using one for the first time, they are independent, they do not need someone’s support and they are off walking around the store on their own.  The customer face is usually smiling after this, and the person who came in with them are pleasantly surprised.  Frequently, we are told it has taken them weeks if not months to get the person to agree to come in.  This can be down to the fact the person concerned cannot admit or accept they need help, no matter how obvious it is to other people around them.

 My own mother-in-law was a prime example regarding this, for years she had struggled with mobility, but would not accept our advice or suggestions, then an OT saw her and said you would seriously benefit from a rollator. The OT gave her a rollator to try and that was enough, she was off everywhere with her rollator, at times we could not keep up with her.  It was so nice to see her back to herself with the aid of the rollator for her to have her independent again and going out on the bus with her trusted rollator.  When she needed a rest, all she needed to do was put the brakes on and have sit down on the rollator.  After a few minutes, she would be off again.

 Occasionally, we are asked if Rollators are safe.  Rollators are safe, if they are maintained and used correctly, just like anything else.  If you ever have a concern regarding your rollator, just call us to give your rollator an MOT.

Points to consider when deciding on which rollator to choose.

Wheel size – the larger the better, the larger the wheel the better equipped to handle different types of terrain. 

Storage – Most rollators will fold, but some fold flatter than others.  New style type of rollators like the Gepard fold quite flat and has a self-locking system, so it will not keep falling open on you when you move the rollator. 

Handle height – Choose a model that works for your height to prevent straining and bending.  At Active Mobility, when you come to the store, we will ensure the rollator is set to the right height for you. 

Seat height – It is also very important that the seat height is higher enough that you can get up on your own, but not so high your feet cannot touch the ground.  This is one of the reasons it is so important to come and try out the different varieties available, to ensure you have the model that suits you personally. 

Brakes – All our rollators have brakes, which must always be used before sitting down on a rollator.  A rollators brakes are controlled by the handles, grip strength is something that needs to be considered and if you have pain or weakness in your hands or wrists, this is another reason why it is recommended to come and try in the store. 

Weight - Rollators come in varying weights, which needs to be taken into account if the rollator is to be lifted in and out of a car or public transport.  Currently, the Gepard and the Taima rollators are the lightest rollator we currently have available

Give us a call on 01789 298182 to find out how a rollator could help you or a loved one.

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